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Get the Luxury Look With Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding

Posted: Thursday, February 11, 2010

By Simon Harris

Many people like to be different when it comes to the siding on their home. They may not want to have the straight forward type of siding so this is why the Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding is becoming more popular. This siding is a favorite because of the different configurations that you can do with this siding. You will find many different manufacturers of this type of siding but a favorite manufacturer is CertainTeed. They are actually the top manufacturer of this siding.

The types of Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding that CertainTeed creates includes 10 inch random hand split shakes, 9 inch staggered rough split shakes, and 7 inch straight edge rough split shakes. These siding planks will spice up your home with its texture that will stand out from all the rest. You can install this type of siding within any type of style home such as contemporary, victorian, or traditional. When you install this siding, years down the road, it will look just as good. This siding has been tested through many rigorous tests such as how good it can withstand hurricane winds. It is injection molded with a very durable polymer that allows it to withstand hurricanes or anything Mother Nature wants to bring.

Each siding plank is about .125 inch thick and helps to give your home a seamless appearance. It is installed by a molded perimeter lock which helps to make it seem seamless. You will also never have to paint the Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding. There is also no need to maintain this siding except for maybe the yearly washing. When it is installed, the procedure is a rolled over nail hem design. This type of design helps to reinforce the spine of the siding to ensure durability.

The Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding comes in many different colors from CertainTeed. These colors include natural clay, buckskin, cypress, granite gray, flagstone, spruce, hearthstone, mountain cedar, terra coot, barn red, ivy green, pacific blue, sable brown, driftwood blend, rustic blend, and a cedar blend. With the different collections that CertainTeed has available, you will not only choose the color that you want, but you can choose th configuration of the placement of the siding as well. You have all the versatility with this siding that you want. Just pull up several websites on the Internet including the main Certainteed Website in order to review all the siding that is available.


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